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T005 Trellis & Pergola Pl
Plan Details

Pergola and trellis plan is fully adaptable to any shape or size and easily adapted to suit your patio or backyard needs. Can be stand alone or attached to your home.  Plan includes full size templates, detailed drawings for the trelliswork, elevations and material lists.


Pergola Plan T005  

Size: 8-10' High, area unlimited

This pergola was based on T005 Trellis and Pergola Plan 

Originally featured in Canadian Living Magazine, this pergola design was altered slightly and stained solid white to fit a home in the Burbank California Area. These are adaptable details that you can use to mount posts in a perpendicular way and then connect the structure with beams and braces for stability. Build a pergola for durability and timeless charm.

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These plans allow you to build a pergola of any size. It looks different when you stain it in different colors so click the link above to see more. You choose the size for your pergola and mount the support posts where you see fit in a perpendicular way. Typically you should place the support posts not more than 12' apart for the specifications in the plans. If you want to go to longer spans you can increase the size of the beams. The amount of size increase depends on the size of span, local wind conditions, and sometimes local bylaws. When you build a pergola in Florida or any Hurricane prone zone you need to install hurricane clips and have the structure engineered locally. Most engineers are pleased to work from this plan since it is so robustly designed.  Once you have decided on post locations, you install the pergola posts and clad them using the details included in the plans. We give you full size templates in the printed plan version so that you can make a hard copy of the template.

You can build this pergola with 4 posts, 6' by 6', or you can have hundreds of posts supporting an area of shade the size of a football field. It all depends on your budget. This pergola is best suited to Western Red Cedar Lumber, however clients have sent us photos of projects built using these pergolas plans of pressure treated, cypress and even Ipe. Normally, when people build this pergola and intend to do it a solid color they choose Red Cedar Lumber, since the knots don't bleed as much as pine, and the stain tends to bond better. Check our stain guide for more information about Stain Application for durability. We typically get 5-7 years durability using our specifications.

T005 Pergola Plans done in White Stain near Los Angeles

T005 Pergola Plan details incorporated into outdoor kitchen in Los Angeles

Pergola Plans T005 pro around pool

Wall mounted pergola plans with trellis

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