A Portico /  Deck Design in Oakville Ontario

This project is in Old Oakville Ontario. We were asked to come up with concepts and structural details to change the facade of this home. They wanted a design strong enough to stand out in this very  prominent area near the water. We came up with the concept of using the existing porch as a base for the new entrance portico-deck. This is what we started with.
 Portico Decks Design
As it turned out, the previous owner of the home did not get a permit to add on the porch, however the basement was accessible and was a suitable frost wall to support the structure. It did necessitate a permit application for the existing structure prior to building the new atop it--and of course attending comittee of adjustment.
portico decks designs    

The existing situation had an arched roof structure for decoration and a good deal of slope on the patio, which enables water to drain, but had to be accomadated in the design. The clients did mention it was slippery in the winter so we settled upon an internal roofing system to allow a functional deck above, and a dry area below. 

 deck designs architectural
Here are the elevations we settled upon. Evestroughs bring the water out of the floor structure. Architectural built up columns with trelliswork inside designed to be lit from the interior and sculped laminated oversized braces for structure and a decorative look. 
decks designs plans
The rails are trimmed for a custom look on thee exterior, however code prohibited applying it on the internal face. From the interior of the deck the most visible feature is the view, hardwood decking and architectural appeal of the woodwork detailing.
portico decks plans 
These are some of the structural details that your building department expects. Basically, everything the builder will do must be detailed so that the inspector can assure safety and structural suitability.
    decks designs and plans
Framing details must show spans, sizes of the lumber and direction of joists and decking. Here we mounted the decking diagonally for additional strength. When combined with the oversized braces this structure would stand even after the home was blown down by a hurricane.
 Decks architectural plans
This is our detail for sealing decks from within. We use an architctural membrane to roof the internal framing and that drains into an evestrough.
 designs for decks porticos
Other details necessary for permits... connection to the existing home, beams, hand rail post connections and post connection to existing patio.
decks designs porticos
The final product... (copper evestrough and drain feature were awaiting a tradesman at the time of this photo shoot). Comittee of adjustment delayed this project right through the summer. That is a lesson for everyone--get the plans done far in advance of when you want to build. The closer to spring, the less chance you will have to get a designer to accept your project--and less chance of it being when you expect it.
 portico decks designs
The front elevation of the finished project. We used TigerDeck Decking and all materials were prefinished with Benjamin Moore ArborCote prior to installation. The client shouldn't have to re-finish this for nearly a decade. Oil the decking with an approved product and that's it.

Expect a project like this to cost between $1200-1800 with concepts and detailing. Your local building department may require BCIN Stamps in Ontario, and or Engineering Stamp if you are in California or Florida due to Hurricane or Seismic Factors.

This project was designed by Lawrence Winterburn and the builder was Dan Maragno, our Builder in Oakville Ontario.

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