Focal Point Pergola on Pool Deck
A pool Pergola in Ottawa
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A poolside pergola with elegant features.


Pool Pergola in Etobicoke And Ottawa Ontario  

Here are some examples of pool pergolas from Toronto ( Etobicoke Ontario ), and Ottawa. Pool Pergola Details can be simple or ornate, it all depends on your home and landscape. Professional designers of pergolas will help work details to the home's style. The Designers are Lawrence Winterburn, and Sean Murray.

A Faux Pergola aside a pool in Etobicoke Ontario --

A pergola look, without the depth, a faux pergola. These hand rails are trick--every section has different angles. It is a tricky thing to build, but we are always up to the task. Our builders are renown hot shot carpenters in every market we operate in.

Pool side pergola in Ottawa Ontario --

A substantial pergola aside a swimming pool in Ottawa Ontario. Large posts, long span, all red cedar.