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A gorgeous Pergola on Deck with circular patio.


A Pergola Designed for Decks in North York Ontario 

This Western Red Cedar Pergola connects the patio, home and cedar deck visually. This pergola, built in North York Ontario adds vertical interest to a simple deck and patio.  This pergola is designed for decks and posts must be anchored into the framing. Often the framing must be strengthened for the pergola.

Designer - Lawrence Winteburn

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Pergola On Deck with Patio

This pergola is not connected to the home, though it appears to be visually. The deck is floating on a curb type system, so for all intensive purposes, it is landscaping. There is no roof, so it is not a pergola nor an outbuilding. Often people come to me saying, the building department says I can't put a deck there that big--sometimes there is a way around the rules.

Pergola designed to be mounted within decks
Some posts are mounted to block walls, some are anchored within the deck. Since the deck floats, and the walls float, everything stays even. If it were connected to the home it would be an issue. If some footings are below frost, and others are above grade, this causes the structure to shift. Not an issue here. In the winter everything lifts an inch or two--when it thaws, it settles back where it was.

Pergola supporting guard rails in a deck
A fairly traditional rail, with robust 6x6 posts in red cedar lumber.  The braces are connected firmly to the posts and the beams to keep everything level.

Landscape design with Pergolas
We designed a stone patio with resting rocks as part of the project.

Pergola with Privacy Screens North York Ontario

Privacy screens are anchored to the pergola support posts to make it a private paradise!