Our Most Popular Plan Booklets

by Lawrence Winterburn

  When you are looking for the best woodworking plans for outdoor structures you want easy to follow, clear and achievable details. There are hundreds of sites that offer free plans for pergolas and decks, however for numerous reasons they are not legal, not durable and will not give you the spectacular look that our plans achieve. Our outdoor structure plans are designed by a Master and built by talented craftsmen that vet the plans for any construction issues--That's right, we typically build them before they are released in most cases. On top of that we offer "Free Support--While you build", by email. If you have questions, we want to give you answers quickly. This may sound like a lot of work for us--however, we get surprisingly few questions. When we get questions, these issues are quickly addressed making our plans even better over time.

  Secondly, most of the projects you find in our Outdoor Structures Gallery have architectural details available. If the photo is there, one of our builders has already built it--so we will usually have architectural details and templates available. We can usually sell you those for $30-$50. Call 888 293 8938 or send an email to plans@gardenstructure.com to order or ask questions about the project.

We can also adjust the size of most of our stock plans for a fee. Call for a quote!

We commonly design one of a kind projects on-line. Simply send us a description of your needs and desires, with a few photos of what inspired, and some photos of the site. We will walk you through the rest. Be sure to include your contacts in the email.

If you want to see a sample pergola plan (click)

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