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Stunning pergolas on an existing elevated patio in Barrie Ontario. Read more...

Large Pergolas on Existing Patios Barrie Ontario

Large pergolas combining to create a canopy over an existing patio. A dining room, hot tub and walkway are all enclosed by this stunning set of pergolas. It was designed to connect and blend with the existing porch in a seamless and tasteful way.  This pergola was designed by Lawrence Winterburn.

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A large pergola on existing patio near Barrie Ontario
A pergola doesn't have to be hard to build for a stellar look--you just need the right design and plans to follow. This one is such simple details, but when everything goes together it looks more spectacular than the builder or the homeowner expected.

Pergolas should inspire interest regardless of the angle it is viewed within--this is the view on approach --
The homeowner asked for a pergola design that could be picked up and moved somewhere else if they wanted--so the posts are mounted using pins and bolts, that can be easily removed once you take the baseboard trim off. He asked for affordable, so below the beams is all red cedar, and above the beams is all pressure treated.

Simple details and colour contrast makes this pergola special --
The trelliswork screens are red cedar but they are one of our stock plans, T003 pergola and trelliswork plans. Simple to build and a versitile detail for different sizes of section.

This shows the existing porch support posts that were matched for the Pergola --
The very left hand post  near the bar is what they had before we arrived. There are posts roughly on 12' centers supporting the porch roof that covers the bar. We matched the routered profile on the posts for the new portion of the pergola, and drew from the sweeping curved roof as inspiration for the knee braces.

Brian the builder and his crew during the first strokes of this pergola build --
This is a before shot--with our happy pergola builders. It was a spartan patio in the beginning.