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   Beautiful Decks, Pergolas and Complete Landscape Designs.

What is

We design and build unique outdoor structures in Canada and the United States.

We are design-builders of decks, fences, pergolas and other outdoor structures like arbours and arches.  It all starts with a phone call to one of our builders found above in the LOCATIONS drop down. Tell them what you want to build and where you live. Typically they will schedule an appointment to talk with you about what you plan to build within 48 hours.

Deck Builders in Ontario and Toronto

We create structure plans for you to construct on your own. 

Whether you need design concepts, permit working drawings or diy plans for a lumber company to offer their customers, we produce original details and designs that are unique to the trade. Many architects and designers utilize our details within their projects. We supply the HOW TO plans for our own exclusive details. To see a few of these designs click on the CUSTOM DESIGN tab in the upper right hand side.
pergola fence and deck plans

We supply photographic inspiration one project at a time.  

Our Gallery is loaded with unique designs. From the GALLERY drop down list you will find Decks, Fences, Trellises, Pergolas, Arbours, Outdoor Rooms, Gazebos, Garden Structures and Landscaping  headings. Many professional designers print our photos from the gallery to show their builders clients.  For the larger view click the photos. We can supply working drawings for most designs found within our galleries. These can be ordered by phone (888) 293-8938

Landscaping and Woodwork Images

We are publishers of DIY (Do It Yourself ) plans and details.

Better Stores like "Lee Valley Tools", have been retailing our DIY project plans for nearly a decade. Our structures have been featured on HGTV, in numerous Magazines, Trade Publications like those produced by the Western Red Cedar Association, as well as newspapers like the Toronto Star and Hartford Courant. The largest selection of stock plans on offer can be found under the PLANS / DESIGNS drop down. Many of our plans have sold in excess of 10,000 copies. Free support by email makes using our plans risk free.
Pergola Plans Fence Plans Arbor Plans and Deck Plans
Give your Builder Actual Plans to follow!"

We connect clients with select craftsmen and designers. 

We match a select group of skilled tradesmen and landscape designers connect with clients that appreciate their talents. Aside from the listing under the LOCATIONS tab, as they share photography with us to be featured within our gallery as well as; on our Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as on the "Decks Blog" and our Google Plus page. We help get you noticed! 
 Let us help you create timeless decks, fences and pergolas today!

Become A Builder Now--please (click) Join Us!  or call 888-293-8938

All Do It Yourself plans come with Free Support by e-mail while you build.

All Printed plans come with Free Delivery by Mail. 

Where do these beautiful designs come from?

This company was not founded by Architects-- In the beginning we were trim carpenters.

Our founder, Lawrence Winterburn created concepts and details and refined them over 20 in business as a builder. He continues to design unique features and finishes today for on-line clients as well as those that live in the Toronto Area in Ontario where he resides. By studying Arts and Crafts era woodwork techniques, Japanese temple construction and working with the old timers, he has assembled a repetoir of unique methods that have roots in the past, while exploiting modern tools of today. 

Our new methods for assembling complicated constructions establish us as the forerunners of modern outdoor woodworking.  Decks and pergolas, made of wood, that last for decades without re-finishing is not the norm. Careful attention to our reccomended methods must be paid to obtain such results. We share this uncommon information with our builders, and diy enthusiasts working from our plans.

If you are thinking about becoming our local builder-- Please get in touch!

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