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Distributorships can be loosly described as " A company that usually starts as a small office. Often these home office Distributorships are more productive than an in-house sales force which means the owner is better paid."  

Many distributorships begin as a force of 1 and within a few years grow to 20 or more employees. 

    Distributorships are a fabulous way of making a solid living. Great products and an eye on providing more new products in the future can put you in the drivers seat with the freedom of running your own business.

Distributorships are now available as Garden Structure .com begins retail operations in the U.S. , Canada, U.K. and Australia. 


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(Toronto Blooms display for Cayman Islands )


Original Products with Mass Appeal

Ground Breaking Ideas, New details often.


An Industry fed by a Multi Billion Dollar Market,

Forecast to grow for the Next 20 Years.


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