Is your Level Accurate?

by Lawrence Winterburn

Try this test at your local tool store--you will be horrified to find that more than half the brand new levels on the shelf are not accurate

check if your level is accurate

As in the illustration, place it on a relatively level surface. Make a light mark so that you’ll be able to locate the exact position. Align the level with the edge of the table or whatever you’re using.

·         Visually inspect your level for straight. Look down the edge.

·         Look at your level indicator, memorize it’s position between the marks.

·         Roll the level 180 degrees, and make sure you’re in the exact location of the first reading. Is the reading the same?

·         Now flip the level end to end and compare the reading.

·         Roll the level 180 degrees again and compare.

You’ve now checked for level, now check vertical function on a doorway. Follow the same steps.

You’ll probably be quite surprised to learn the level you’ve used for years isn’t accurate. I’ve actually gone through entire assortments of levels in search of an accurate one. You’ll also be surprised to learn that just because a level sells for $80.00 doesn’t necessarily guarantee accuracy. Many are damaged during shipping and many aren’t actually accurate to begin with.

  If your likely to be hard on your equipment, as we are, invest in a plastic case to protect your investment when not in use.

"Ever wondered what the liquid is in a level?"            Gasoline!