Board and Batten Fences
Board and Batten Fence
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Board and Batten treatment of a simple fence detail. Read more...

A Board and Batten Privacy Fence  

These board and batten fences can be extremely durable. Built like siding on houses, the batten covers the spaces between the boards and prevents moisture from getting into the board. Battens are always fastened through the spaces rather than through the boards. Fastening through the fence boards will cause cracking and premature deterioration. Any flat panel type fence can be treated with a board and batten detailing for additional privacy. Keep in mind however--fitting battens along a curved cut can be time consuming. We used a pull saw and cut in place as we installed the battens, then used a piloted screw to attach the battens on an angle into the rails.

Working Drawings for this fence are available, (doesn't include the battens) -- Call (888) 293-8938 to order.