P012 Pergola Photos
P012 Interior Photo Pergola Side View, angular Top Side View of P012 Pergola designs P012 Pergola,  12 foot wide version
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P012 PRO
Plan Details
A robust and style neutral pergola design that fits with many types of architecture. This is a labor intensive project and worth the effort when you see them completed. Read more...

P012 Pergola Designs 

This is our most popular pergola design. The details were originally designed to blend with a turn of the century home but we quickly realized that the detailing fits well with many styles of architecture from arts and crafts to colonial. Pergolas can be large or small, robust or fine looking, this is certainly on the substantial side. Our builders can scale this design to fit your requirements. Get in touch today!

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This is another pergola plan that is very suitable to any wind condition found in the United States. The large braces and substantial posts in this pergola allow you to resist winds very well. For this reason it is often used as a basis for pergolas that need engineering in states like Florida. This pergola was designed for a turn of the century home and utilizes readily available trim profiles and sculpted lattice panels to facilitate climbing vines.  From the details in the plans you or your builder should be able to adapt to many different sizes of pergola--from 4 columns 14'x 14' to 5 sections and 60' long. Everyone has differing tastes in color, or would like the color to match adjacent structures. Each column is a single footing, however 2 posts are mounted in each hole. You may decide to do a square pergola and use 3 posts per corner so that it looks the same from all angles.

These are professional level pergola plans so the builder should be experienced in trim work and a pneumatic finish nailer will help get the job done more quickly.

Pergola Plan P012 PRO
Lush Greenery helps anchor this pergola in the landscape. The light green shade gives the appearance that it simply grew there.

P012 Pergola Plans interior view
Inner arched screens are detailed within the plans but are certainly optional

Pergola Plans P012 Pro side view
The posts are built up with multiple layers of panels and trims on this pergola plan.

Pergola Plans P012 Pro - 7 year old no maintenance
Another view of this pergola plan P012 -- Our most popular plan.

12x12' adaptation to Pergola Plans P012 Pro
This plan is popular among Designers, Architects and Engineers due to it's robust structural details.